Principal Message

Successes from the first half of the year

Roosevelt Recorder

Our 6th grade teachers are developing a student lead and created newspaper. Thus far the Roosevelt Recorder has only been distributed to 6th grade students. As our reporters, writers, and editors they sharpen their skills we hope to make this a school wide student newspaper. 


Girls and Boys Basketball

This year our girls basketball team was undefeated in the regular season. Way to go girls! Our boys basketball season just started. We had so many Raiders want to join the team that we created a second team and hired another coach. This is unusual for a school the size of Roosevelt. Thanks for encouraging your students to stay active and participate!


Outreach Extended

One of our sweet first grade students, Emerson Woods, set up a hot cocoa stand over the winter break. She earned $150 and donated all the money to Ronald McDonald House,our outreach partner this year.  Way to go Emerson! We love to see our students taking community outreach to the next level!



Hour of Code  

Our students recently participated in Hour of Code. Over 225 hours of code writing were logged at Roosevelt.  It was a fabulous school-wide event!


Talent Day 

I’m sure you have heard about Mrs Mason’s Talent Days! Our 4-6 grade students took Talent Day to the next level and performed in front of each other.  It was brave of these students to put themselves in front of a crowd of their peers. We were so impressed with their courage and their talent!


Morning Meeting

This year our teachers have focused on creating a caring and respectful culture in their classroom. Each class takes time to meet and greet each other, and build class cohesion through specially designed activities.  Mrs Dodd reports, “The kids LOVE greeting each other and sharing about themselves!”  


Invent Idaho

Our 2nd, 4th, and 5th graders participated in Invent Idaho. This inquiry based workshop approach to learning was so engaging for students.  We have many students moving onto the state competition. We will keep you up to date about their success


6th Grade Recess

Did you know that in preparation for junior high, sixth grade students do not have morning recess? Mr. Mellen and Mrs Stewart have found this to be very useful academic time. Not only do we have a larger block of uninterrupted instruction, but students are able to receive additional one-on-one support for challenging assignments or homework. This change has been great for academic success and school stamina!  



  • Handicapped parking on the Maple side of the street needs to be observed.  We have students and adults who need to use this area. Please respect their need for special access to our school.  Thank you!
  • Report cards will come home today with your student.  Please contact the teacher if you do not get a report card. 
  • Watch for a very important email to come from your child’s teacher regarding kindness week!