Roosevelt students submitted a total of 55,146 minutes of reading.  This is equal to one person reading every minute of every day for over 38 days.  Great job to all of the Roosevelt Readers!  We also raised over $13,000. Thank you for your generosity and support.  Below are the prize winners:



1st Place: Mara Crowley, Mrs. Antram’s class

2nd Place: Sydney Iacovelli, Mrs. Titmus’s class ?

3rd Place: Euan Hill, Mrs. Beaudry’s class


1st Grade:

1st Place: Nolan Osborne, Mrs. May’s class

2nd Place: Reagan Elmore, Mrs. Fitchner’s class

3rd Place: Josie Balinger, Mrs. May’s class


2nd Grade:

1st Place: Clay Kessler, Mrs. Cadwell’s class

2nd Place: Beckett Crowley, Mrs. Fitchner’s class

3rd Place: Declan Gates, Mrs.Cadwell’s class


3rd Grade:

1st Place: Ava Elmore, Mrs. Wangsgard’s class

2nd Place: Macy Boston, Mrs. Wangsgard’s class

3rd Place: Gavin Morrill, Boise Online School


4th Grade:

1st Place: Ellery Noble, Mrs. Wimer’s class

2nd Place: Van Kessler, Mrs. Wimer’s class

3rd Place: Beckett Pochop, Mrs. Everson’s class


5th Grade:

1st Place: Jennings Zuroff, Boise Online School

2nd Place: Ruby Rayhill, Mrs. Bradshaw’s class

3rd Place: Aidan Morrill, Mrs. Bradshaw’s class


6th Grade:

TIE for 1st Place: Kyle Kovarik, Mrs. Stewart’s class

                 Grady Noble, Mrs. Stewart’s class

3rd Place: James Holgate, Mr. Mellen’s class

Top Pledge Winner:  

Ava Elmore, Mrs. Wangsgard’s class


Raffle Winner: 

Clare Fahrer, Mrs. Titmus’s class


Class Winners (highest amount of minutes read per student):

K-3 Winner: Mrs. Cadwell’s class (over 300 minutes read/student)

4-6 Winner: Mrs. Wimer’s class (over 450 minutes read/student)

***Special Acknowledgement goes to Mrs. Bradshaw’s class who had the class with the highest number of students submitting their Read A Thon minutes!***

  1. the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
  1. the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.