Principal Message

We want your opinion!

We are considering allowing appropriately dressed students to go outside during recess on rainy days.  We know going outside for fresh air and a brain break during the school day can greatly benefit students, but It has been our practice to keep them inside when it is raining, even if they have rain attire. We would like your opinion on this new recess consideration.  If students have rain boots, rain coats and umbrellas, do you think it is appropriate for them to be outside in the rain? Please email Mrs Severson with your opinions.    


Time to Dress Warm

It’s time to put the shorts away!  Beginning next Monday, Nov. 4th, students need to wear pants/tights/leggins etc. in order to stay warm during recess.  We often find students who come to school in shorts during these cold temperatures are miserable at recess. Please have your students dressed for the weather, including bringing a jacket or coat.  We will allow shorts again after spring break.


Lost and Found

We will be donating lost and found items next Friday November 8th.  Please check one more time for missing items before we send them to a donation site.  


Clothing Donations Needed

Our health office is looking for very specific clothing items.  If you have the following that you could donate, please bring them to the office:

  • long pants size 5-10, pull up sweatpants preferred
  • long sleeve shirts size 5-10
  • hats/gloves


From the Music Teacher

Videography Help for Programs!

We are looking for someone who can videotape our programs and then format it nicely into a file that can be put on a DVD or downloaded online.

If you or anyone you know might be interested, please contact Mrs. Mason!